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Top 9 Facts On Arabian Horses- More Than A Pretty Face

Facts on Arabian Horses

Fast as lightning, graceful as the wind, and as pretty as a picture…this is the description of the Arabian horse. Arabian horses are one of the oldest breeds known to man and are often described, as the most beautiful horses in the world.

Today we will learn the top 9 facts on Arabian horses. While you may have heard of this exotic breed, you will be quite impressed with all the qualities they possess.

Arabian horses are treasured possessions to their owners and riders. Saddle up and Let’s learn more about the Arabian Horse.

1. Fewer Vertebrae and Ribs- Fact or Fiction

Fact or fiction? It is indeed true that many Arabians have one less vertebra than other horses. Most horses typically have 6 vertebrae and Arabian horses have 5. While this fact is indeed strange it is true!

It is also true that many Arabian horses have one less pair of ribs than most other horses. Typically, horses will have 18 pairs of ribs, whereas many Arabian horses only have 17.

While this may be an odd fact, it served an important purpose in the history of the breed. Arabian horses needed to be extra strong and durable in the climate they were raised in. By having a shorter back, Arabian horses were able to carry more weight and go further distances.

Arabians are truly unique and majestic, something that all equestrians can admire.

2. Originated in the Desert

Arabian horses are desert animals. Originating from the Arabian desert, these horses were no strangers to harsh climates.

There is a recorded history of these horses roaming in ancient Egypt and being top mounts of kings and princes. While these horses are beautiful, their beauty is more than meets the eye. Some of their beautiful features lend themselves to function and purpose.

Arabians feature a high neck set, and large nostrils that allow them to easily breathe in the air when out the desert. These horses overcame many obstacles and were treasured by all around them.

3. Bedouin History

The Bedouins can be considered the first Arabian horse breeders. These horses were their livelihood. They were prized war horses and even companions for their children.Facts on Arabian Horses

It is said that the Bedouins would have the foals sleep in tents with their children at night. They would mostly keep mares as they used their horses as war animals, and could not have a stallion giving away their location.

The Bedouins were selective breeders of these majestic horses. Quality horses could mean the difference between life and death. Arabians had to be sensitive, full of speed, and have the ability for great endurance. These are qualities that make these horses very versatile, and a favorite of many equestrians.

4. Famous Riders

Lights, Cameras, Action! Arabian horses are no strangers to the spotlight. There are some very famous Americans who have known and loved the Arabian breed.

Patrick Swayze loved the Arabian horse. He owned an Arabian horse farm. He was often seen showing and riding them. They were a beloved treasure.

Shania Twain also loves the Arabian horse. You can find plenty of photos of her with precious Arabian equines. This breed has so many qualities that draw people to them.

5. Arabians Come To America

Arabians were no strangers to early American history. According to the Arabian Horse Association, Arabians were brought over to America by Ulysses s grant in 1877. It wasn’t long before the Arabian’s fame spread, and the first Arabian breeding program was developed.

Even the U.S. military recognized the need for a strong, long-running, and reliable breed. It wasn’t long before they began to actively seek out the Arabian horse. The US military admired the Arabian horses for their ability to ride very long distances at fast speeds.

It wasn’t long before Arabian horses had spread throughout the United States, not only as military horses but also as beloved companions.

While today, there isn’t as much need for a long distance military horse, these horses are treasured family companions. They are also highly competitive in the endurance competition world.

6. Close Bond To People

Looking for a true “people” horse? Arabians just might be the breed for you. The Bedouins kept this horse in close quarters with their families and children. As such, these horses developed a special bond with humans.Facts on Arabian Horses

They are said to be a breed that truly looks for companionship in their humans. They are highly sensitive and try to please. If you are looking for a sensitive and deep companion Arabians might be your breed of horse.

7. Long Distance Runners

Arabians are long distanced champions! It is hard to find a horse that can even come close to Arabians in the distance arena. Arabians were bred in the desert and needed to be hardy and resilient.

They developed a resiliency that is hard to be matched among other breeds. They can go extremely long distances, at a good speed.

If you have endurance riding aspirations, look no further than the Arabian horse. They truly come unmatched for this disciple.

8. Cover Girl- Dished Face

Your eyes gaze across the pasture and stop at a striking horse with a dished face. You wonder what it could be…it is most certainly the Arabian horse. Arabian horses are truly the “Cover Girl” models of the horse world.

Most horses have a straight profile, while Arabian horses have beautiful dished curvature to their faces. This gives them a truly striking and beautiful appearance that is not found in other horse breeds.

Easy, breezy, beautiful Cover Girl!

9. Confirmation

According to the breed standard, these horses need to have a dished face, beautifully arched neck, short back, and high tail carriage. This is Facts on Arabian Horsesconsidered to be the ideal Arabian horse. The breed association has high standards for all of its horses.

The typical Arabian horse ranges in height from 14.2 to 15.2 hands. While they are not a large breed, they are a very solid horse breed and carry well beyond their size. This is due to their short backs and hard hooves.

Arabians are always a sight to behold.

Admirable Arabians

We hope you have enjoyed learning these facts on Arabian horses. They are a spectacular breed in more ways than one. These horses have a long history and have developed a closeness with their humans that is a true treasure.

When thinking of the Arabian horse, a certain song comes to mind…”Your beauty is beyond compare, with flaming eyes, and auburn hair”… this description would work just as well for the Arabian horse as it did Jolene. Arabian horses are show stoppers.

At Natural Equestrians, we love all horses. In fact, I have never met a horse I didn’t like. To learn more about the Appaloosa or Paint Horse feel free to check out our other articles. No matter which breed of horse you own or ride, we would love to hear from you in the comments below!

What breed of horse do you own? What do you love about your favorite equine?

Until we meet again, happy trails to you!


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  1. Todd P Matthews says:

    Shorter vertebrae and the ability to withstand the desert shows what these horses are capable of withstanding…a lot. It also shows how adaptation plays a part in their own evolutionary process throughout the years. Their strength to withstand anything certainly would’ve attracted the attention not only of the US, but likely militaries all over the world at the time. It’s also a cool fact that Grant brought them over in the 1870s. That, I didn’t know!

    1. Todd, thank you for your reply. I agree that it is very interesting how they were used by United States military. They are such a unique breed with many special qualities.

  2. I liked your article. When I was growing up we had horses. We didn’t have any Arabian horses. I found the facts about them interesting. I thought they would have the same amount of ribs and vertabreas as the other horse breeds. It was fun learning that they were a popular horse with Patrick Swayze and Shania Twain. Great article.

    1. Terri, thank you for your comment! The Arabian horse is certainly an interesting and majestic breed. I agree that it is unique that they have fewer vertebrae and ribs. Many famous faces love the Arabian horse.

  3. Hi Isabelle. What a beautiful article! I love horses but don’t own any.
    Like you, I haven’t seen a horse I didn’t like, lol. But the Arabian is my personal favourite.
    It was great reading about its history. I had no idea they were bread as war horses.
    And the fact that they’re a great “people” horse must make them well sought after.
    Thanks again,

    1. Suzanne, I must agree that Arabians truly are amazing! They have such an amazing history. You can still see their roots in the reflection of the breed today! I am so glad you enjoyed this article! I hope to hear from you again soon!

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