Types of Horse Bits and Their Uses
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Straight From the Horse’s Mouth-Types of Horse Bits and Their Uses

You enter the tack shop and see a vast array of bits sitting on one big wall. Your eyes enlarge and you quickly step away . The intimidation builds…what can all of these bits be for? Which one do I need? Don’t panic! Don’t Stew! The Natural Equestrians are here to save the day. In …

how to groom your horse properly
Horse Care and Feed

How To Groom Your Horse Properly- Love and a Little Elbow Grease

Bust out your grooming kit! It is time to brush your favorite horse (or pony). Today we will learn how to groom your horse properly. Grooming is a wonderful time for the horse and owner to bond. Not only is it enjoyable to spend non-demanding time with your horse, it can also be quite rewarding. …

how to tack up a horse english
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From the Ground Up- How To Tack Up A Horse English

You arrive at the barn and are ready to ride…but wait, there is an important first step. You ask yourself, “How do I tack my horse”? Don’t panic, today we will be discussing how to tack up a horse English. This is an essential aspect of horsemanship for all equestrians. Having a great understanding of …

Horse Riding Helmets for Kids
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Equestrian Essentials- Horse Riding Helmets for Kids

Your child is extremely excited to ride a horse, but wait, there is something you need first….a helmet! There is nothing that goes better than kids and horses. It is kind of like peanut butter and jelly, but safety must come first. A helmet is a must have for all children. It greatly reduces the …