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About Isabelle

My name is Isabelle, and I want to say a big welcome to everyone visiting Natural Equestrians! I am so excited that you have found us, and we truly hope to provide value to your equestrian journey.

Natural equestrians is a website born out of passion. As equestrians, we are often drawn to our equine friends. This is often an innate drive, a passion, something we can’t live without. Horses are a natural part of us. To us horse riders, it is natural for us to be drawn to them, in fact…we wouldn’t have it any other way.

As a fellow horse lover, my mission is to inspire, review, and provide tips and tricks for everything horse. Just as you need to curry, brush, and pick before each ride, we hope to be a daily source of inspiration to you. It is the mission of this site to provide in depth reviews, comedic relief, and inspiration for everything equestrian.

Ride On- Horses In My Heart

As a young girl, I was always drawn to horses. Unfortunately, I was not born into a family of horse people. When visiting, my grandmother in her country home I would often run over to neighbor’s house just to pet the horses through the fence. I knew from that moment forward that I had to be involved with these animals. It was LOVE at first sight.

Prior to my first lessons it took weeks of convincing on my parent’s behalf. After much hard work, I was given my first riding lessons. From the first ride, I knew this was it. I had found my thing, my passion, and my inspiration. This is something horse lovers on levels can understand.

I was always up for anything that allowed me to be around a horse. As long as there was a horse involved, I was even up for going out in the middle of winter to crack ice out of water buckets. The result of this activity was having ice crystals form on the tips of my hair.

I started out riding western, and quickly switched to hunt seat, and then dressage. I was fortunate enough to get my own horse, but things weren’t always rosy. My very first horse was a young, green broke Paint with an explosive temperament. While I loved Sunny, he wasn’t a good fit, and we ended up selling him.

From there, I went onto bigger and better things. After Sunny, I took more lessons for a couple of years and then got a delightful off the track Thoroughbred. It was a match made in heaven and we complimented each other perfectly.

My love for riding has never ceased, and neither has my desire or wish to understand what makes them tick. Horses will always be a part of my heart, as I know they are yours.

Helping Horses and Their Owners

My desire is to help all levels of equestrians as they pursue their passion for horses.

I can remember the days when my knowledge was limited, and looking for a place to go to for advice. I am here to provide that information for you. I have sincere desire to help the new horse owner or even the inspiring horse owner.

I also know what it is like to want to buy a certain spray or bridle for my horses, but wanting to see the reviews first. We love our horses, and often put their needs first. We will have honest and in depth reviews of everything horse, and hopefully we can have a laugh or two along the way.

My goal is to take away the guess work and give honest reviews, helpful tips, for new and old horse owners alike.

Happy Horses- Happy Riders

The mission of this site is to provide quality reviews, inspiration, and tips for all things related to horses. Whether it is about fly spray, bridles, saddles, brushes, or anything in between.

If you are the mom of horse crazy daughter, you are in the right place. Remember, I was the horse crazy daughter…and I’m here to help.

If you are a new horse owner, you are in the right place. We will be covering everything you need to get started with your new horse. Don’t panic, we have the information for you!

If you have been riding for the past 20 years we have inspiration and motivation for you, or if you are looking for a place to send your clients for additional information we can do that as well!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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