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Fact About Appaloosa Horses
Horse Breeds

18 Facts About Appaloosa Horses- The Amazing Appaloosa

What is black, white, and spotted all over? Why that is the Appaloosa horse. They are beautiful breed, with a solid temperament, and a long history. Galloping across the western plains, they were the perfect Native American steed. Now they make the perfect all around horse. No matter what style of riding you participate in, …

Types of Horse Bits and Their Uses
Horse Care and Feed

Straight From the Horse’s Mouth-Types of Horse Bits and Their Uses

You enter the tack shop and see a vast array of bits sitting on one big wall. Your eyes enlarge and you quickly step away . The intimidation builds…what can all of these bits be for? Which one do I need? Don’t panic! Don’t Stew! The Natural Equestrians are here to save the day. In …